Hey friend! WYK co-owner Justin here; I’ve missed you! You’re looking good these days… you doing that P90X now? Goofiness aside, I’m here to fill you in on some changes coming to the site. A timeframe? We’ll say, “Soonish.” We wouldn’t want to rush into anything huge now, would we?

First, I just want to make it clear that we’re not subtracting anything from the site. All the things that you’ve come to love about WouldYouKindly are not going anywhere. The Gamers Garage definitely isn’t going anywhere. We’ll still cover game news. We’ll still throw a review your way every once in a while. We’ll cover events for you, and anything else we happen to find interesting in the world of gaming will likely find it’s way to the front page.

However, we do want to expand and grow.

That said, there have already been a few insanely fantastic additions to the site, if you haven’t noticed: three new podcasts from Candice, Klaus, Amanda and Alex. And they are:

The Floor Is Lava (ft. Alex, Candice, Klaus) – You know how much fun it is to hang back with a couple of friends and just make fun of something together on Netflix? TFIL is your new favorite group of fun friends.
Life.exe (ft. Candice, Amanda) – Friends. Professionals. Mothers. Superheroes. Sometimes you just have to pull back and focus on life and those around you. A show for those wanting to learn, wanting to see things from new perspectives, and wanting to grow.
Mailbag of Holding (ft. Klaus, Candice) – A podcast based ENTIRELY on listener questions and feedback. No holds barred question-answering from the masters of… question… answering.

Give each one a listen, if you haven’t already. We hope you enjoy the shows as much as the hosts like recording them.

Speaking of the hosts (as well as the rest of the staff here); we want to get to know you a little bit better, and you us. We’re going to start doing things to focus more on the staff that put all the time into bringing you these awesome podcasts, videos, editorials, reviews and articles – so you can better know who we are. Put faces to names, as it were. Hopefully over time through comments, Tweets, FB messages, emails and maybe even videos; we can get to know you a little bit better as well.

Yes, I’m saying WE WANT TO KNOW YOU. You can take that as creepily as you want, but we’d absolutely love to connect with you.

We also plan on opening up WYK to other topics, as well. Tech, TV, movies, music… the spectrum will be much wider. We want our writers to be able to write about anything they are passionate about (within certain boundaries, of course). Writers on any site out there can spout out rehashed versions of press releases and news they’ve read elsewhere. We want to give you solid articles and editorials that will make you think. Topics that you can’t wait to discuss with your friends. Pieces that you’ll share with whoever will listen.

So, that’s where things are right now. It’ll be a slow, steady transition; but one we think you’ll like. As always, we would love your feedback on anything and everything we do.

Would you kindly join us as we take the next step into the site’s future… together?