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Halo: Reach “days away” from being content complete

[amtap amazon:asin=B002I0HCVK] According to Marcus Lehto, Creative Director at Bungie, Halo: Reach is days away from being content complete. What does that mean? No, it

April 21, 2010 Games

The MW2 Stimulus pack still sucks.

While many are congratulating Infinity Ward and Activision this week for breaking sales records with their new overpriced map pack, there are those of us

April 08, 2010 Games, News

[April Fools] Halo: Reach Release Date Announced! And Day 1 DLC!!!

Good news Halo fans! Bungie announced today that Halo: Reach, the upcoming prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, would be arriving in stores this July 7th!

April 01, 2010 Games

DownLoadable Content? More like Disc Locked Content! [UPDATE]

As you may have heard, Bioshock 2 recently got it’s first piece of DLC, in the form of the “Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack“. The pack

March 20, 2010 Games

I’m boycotting the Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack, and you should too!!

Today on Major Nelson‘s weekly podcast, Infinity Ward’s Community Manager, Robert Bowling (aka Fourzerotwo), announced that the new Modern Warfare “Stimulus” Map Pack will cost

March 14, 2010 Games

Xbox 360 Deal! 3 Games, 2 battery packs – $29.99

Get a copy of Crackdown, Perfect Dark Zero, and Project Sylpheed, PLUS 2 battery packs for $29.99! Head on over to to grab it!

January 09, 2010 Games

Forza Motorsport 3 – Review [Xbox 360]

When it comes to games, racing can be broken into three basic sub-genres. There’s arcade style – which is the most unrealistic of all. You

November 19, 2009 Games, Reviews

How I got Vidmaster Challenge: Classic, in ODST [Update]

[amtap amazon:asin=B001HWB68K] If you play Halo 3, then you no doubt know what Recon armor is. Initially available only to Bungie employees, this armor can

September 23, 2009 Games, Guides
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