This is Bethesda’s debut trailer for Dishonored, the dystopian steampunk title that they hope melts your face with awesomeness. Not quite Fallout, not quite Skyrim, this video shows off some pretty cool imagery; here’s hoping that the game itself is as cool as the video.

You play the part of a supernatural assassin, who was once a trusted bodyguard. You wear a badass mask and kick ass like a badass. Who would want anything else?

In true Bethesda fashion, you’ll have tons of choices in how you play the game, choosing between playstyles like stealth, bullet-time, or summoning rats. Yup—rats. Since you’re an assassin, a major component will be assassinating targets, using your downtime in between targets to level up and buy new equipment, giving you even more choices in how you want to accomplish your goals (read more here).

Oh, and the world was created by Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov, so it should be pretty…

What do you think? Does this look/sound like something that you want to play?

Dishonored by Bethesda official site.