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The Floor Is Lava


The Floor is Lava 29: Sailor-On-Sailor Action

This week we go way, way back in our time machine.  Think the 1940s, except older.  Yep, we’re heading back to the 1930s, far before


The Floor is Lava 28: Courage the Cowardly Prop Comic

If you are the host of a podcast about retro kid’s television shows, and Netflix drops a load of Cartoon Network gold in your lap,


The Floor is Lava 27: Out of a KISS Video

Our beloved Klaus brings many smiles to the show this week.  OK, so Klaus can make us laugh at the drop of a coin, but,


The Floor is Lava 26: Magoo Porn

Mr. Magoo is a powder keg.  Bet you didn’t expect to read that today. I remember The Mr. Magoo Show as a comical chronicle of


The Floor is Lava 25: Just Add -tron

We check off a big name this week.  You know, one of those shows that we must watch.  It seems that among our hosts, I


The Floor is Lava 24: Nothing is Sacred

Continuing what began with Saved by the Bell, we are branching  off of the “we only watch cartoons” theme.  Don’t worry; we will still have


The Floor is Lava 23: Coffee Maker No-No

I have good news and bad news.  Inevitably, sometimes, you have to take the bad with the good.  First, to soften the blow, the good


The Floor is Lava 22: All Aboard the Dinkie Train

Despite his awe-inspiring mustache, his ability to delight a room full of German opera fans, and his blue ribbon in the Robotnik look-alike contest, Klaus

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