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Atomicow reviews Battlefield 1943 [Xbox 360]

To say that Battlefield 1943 had a rough launch would be an understatement. For the first 2 days, this game was completely unplayable for most,

July 11, 2009 Games, Reviews

UFC Undisputed 2009 Review [PS3]

UFC 2009 is a MMA game based on the popular sport of the same name. The game is made by Yukes out of Japan and

May 23, 2009 Reviews

Plants v.s Zombies Review [PC]

Plants vs Zombies is a Tower Defense style game made by PopCap games, you use your plants to defend against waves of zombies trying to

May 18, 2009 Reviews

WWE Legends Of WrestleMania Review [Xbox 360]

WWE Legends of WrestleMania is a wrestling game built on Yukes Smackdown engine. Play as the greatest wrestlers of all time, as you relive some

April 16, 2009 Games, Reviews
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