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Wshand: Poor Bird

Typical Shand, aimed for the bird

September 08, 2015 TV/Film, WYK-TV

Wshand: Winter is Coming

Ah the snowman, gets him every time

August 31, 2015 TV/Film, WYK-TV

Beyond the Broadcast: Elegy of Games

Another episode of Whsand’s Beyond the Broadcast. In this episode Shand interviews Elegy of Games while playing Donkey Kong Quest and Metroid Prime

August 20, 2015 TV/Film, WYK-TV

Gaming on the Rocks Ep. 57 – TowerFall, TitanFall, and True Detective (Spoilercast)

Recorded on St. Patrick’s Day, episode 57 features an experimental new cocktail that you can’t get your hands on during any other part of the


Gaming on the Rocks Ep. 45 – PS4 and Xbox One, Hunger Games: Catching Fire

PS4 and Xbox One are out. We give our thoughts on the new consoles before diving into the newest installment in the Hunger Games franchise

December 04, 2013 Games, Gaming On The Rocks, Podcasts, TV/Film

Gaming on the Rocks Ep. 44 – How to Review a Console, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Thor: Dark World

This week, in the midst of PS4 and Xbox One launches, we take a step back and look at reviewing consoles. Then we go deep

November 23, 2013 Games, Gaming On The Rocks, Podcasts, TV/Film

Gaming on the Rocks Ep. 42 – PS4 Delays, Gravity Spoiler Discussion and What We’ve Been Watching

Ben’s back so it’s time to dig deep into Gravity *SPOILERS*. We also discuss PS4 delays and what we’ve been scoping out lately


Gaming on the Rocks Ep. 41 – Gravity, Beyond: Two Souls, Final Fantasy XIV

This week, we discuss Alfonso Cuaron’s newest film, Gravity, David Cage’s Beyond: Two Souls, and Final Fantasy XIV’s updated experience

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