The Witcher 2 was praised by RPG aficionados last year as one of 2011’s best role-playing experiences.  Problem for too many of us is not having the rig to play said game.  While CD Projekt Red has spread word around the gaming community that Witcher 2 will find a home on the Xbox 360, much of the details behind the port are currently non-existent; that is until this Thursday.

CDPR will be holding a conference detailing their 360 port and streaming it LIVE to all of us in anticipation this Thursday at 7pm (GMT +1) on their Facebook fan page. We can expect a trailer and all types of exciting details from our good friends over in Poland in just a few days.  From what I’ve heard from CD Projekt’s PR, the 360 version is more of an adaptation of Witcher 2 than just a simple port; let’s just hope the trimmings are little to none.  

“…and according to many specialists it’s the best looking 360 game ever!”
– Michal Nowakowski, CD Projekt RED S.A.