I’m not sure if I’m the only one who missed any news about this until just recently but, Sony announced via the Playstation Blog that Final Fantasy: Origins would be released as a PSOne Classic on January 10, 2012. Origins was originally released in the U.S on April of 2003, and is memorable for being the first time U.S. fans were given a release of Final Fantasy II.

With this new version, there will be some extra features. Memo File function saving will become a lot easier, as you wont be restricted to saving in certain areas. And, you can now change the difficulty levels whenever you begin a new quest! It was also stated that new stills and CG movies were added throughout the game. According to Sony, the sound quality has been improved and they have added an art gallery as well.

While no word has been given on what the price will be, if it doesn’t go above 9.99, you can bet I’ll be picking this up, as well as many other Final Fantasy fans.

UPDATE: The price of Final Fantasy: Origins has been announced to be 9.99 USD. Have fun!