Who ever would have thought that the next rad third-person class-based team warfare game would come from PopCap Games? Anyone? (If you say you saw it coming, you’re a goddamned liar.) The announcement of Garden Warfare was a totally welcome surprise, and one I think a lot of people will love.


If you haven’t seen any of the trailers or gameplay, it’s simple; take one part DOTA (or Monday Night Combat, if you prefer), mix it with one part Plants vs. Zombies, and this would be the bastard love spawn. In the gameplay we were shown, classes included a soldier-like class (the Peashooter), a tank-like class (the Chomper), a sniper-like class (the Cactus), and a healer-like class (the Sunflower). Each class had to co-operate to defeat the waves of zombies, and eventually a couple of boss characters.

All of the cutesiness and humor of PvZ is definitely intact here, and it fits in surprisingly well to this type of game.  The only concern I can think of is that fans of the original Plants vs. Zombies that are more the casual type may have a tough time getting a hang of the controls. People that play more substantial games should have no problems jumping right in. Each class’ weapons and powers are simultaneously hilarious and useful, and players will have fun creating strategies on how to use them—in combination with scattered planter pots where you can plant other helpful plants/turrets—to defeat the zombie onslaught.


Garden Warfare looks like it’ll be a blast, as long as the levels are varied enough to warrant some replayability. Either way, you can enjoy this new vision of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare when it hits Xbox One… sometime soon. Dammit EA/Popcap, give us a release date already!