I used to be such a big, big fan of Sonic. Sega was the console of choice in my household growing up, so Sonic was a pretty big part of my childhood. So you can imagine my disdain as this once-beloved franchise has slowly gotten driven further and further into the ground over the past many years. Lots of people are crying out for one good Sonic game – not even anything spectacular, just something solid.

I don’t think Lost World is what everyone’s been looking for.


There were three stages available to play on the floor; the one I played was a candy-themed level where Sonic is running around on licorice and bouncing off of chocolate-coated candies and cookies. Graphically, it looked pretty nice. Where it missed the mark for me was in the gameplay. When I play a Sonic game, I’m looking for it to be fast, and I don’t want to have to try very hard to get back up to speed when I get knocked down. I also want simplicity; take down foes by jumping on them. The way things used to be, right?

Right away, I was let down a little. You can get Sonic to walk, but remember how he used to just start running automatically if you didn’t run into anything? He doesn’t really do that anymore. To get going fast at all, you’ve got to do a spin dash (that hasn’t changed, thankfully) or go through a speed boost. When you come to enemies, you can either do this weird jump-lock on-dash attack, or a jumpkick attack that can push enemies back into each other. In my mind, these were un-needed, and slowed the pace of the game down quite a bit.


The game does have its good points. There are secrets hidden everywhere, the levels look great, and when the game does back off and let Sonic get up to speed, it’s enough to make the biggest Sonic fanboy squeal just a little bit. I think the negatives outweigh the positives though, and you may want to hold off on this one if you’ve been waiting for a Sonic game that captures all the fun of the older titles in the series.

If you want to decide for yourself, Sonic Lost World can be in your grubby little hands for WiiU and 3DS later on this year.