About two weeks ago, Bethesda announced and released the beta for patch 1.4 for Steam users to test the new update and check it for bugs. Apparently everything went smoothly, as Pete Hines the VP of PR & Marketing over at Bethesda tweeted that the patch would arrive this morning on Xbox Live. Originally, the announcement was for us to be kept busy for the next few weeks until everything would be ironed out on the PC version of the patch; it looks Christmas came early for the region of Tamriel.

On January 25th, I made a post explaining and breaking down the patch notes that Bethesda was working on. The patch is officially available for the Xbox 360 and PC; since Sony hasn’t certified the update yet, Playstation 3 users will have to wait a bit longer. We’ll keep you all posted on our Twitter and Facebook for the official release of the Playstation Network iteration of the patch.