Tonight, WouldYouKindly TV will be purging the galaxy of space scum in Starr Mazer: DSP, leading into the Early Access release on Steam on August 26th. Many will die…and then die again. We are mankind’s last hope. The galaxy is surely doomed.

STARR MAZER: DSP is a pixel-pretty roguelike horizontal scrolling shooter with an arcade sensibility and a focus on satisfying progression.


OverBoredGaming: 7PM – 11PM EST
Goobers515: 8PM – 12AM EST
Firecrow: 10PM – 2AM EST
FarringtonEmpire: 9PM – 1AM EST
RomComm: 11PM – 3AM EST

For more information on Starr Mazer, head on over to their website at and be sure to follow on Twitter @starrmazer.