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Gaming on the Rocks: Episode 17 – Die Hard, Community, and Destiny

Greg tells us if it’s a good day to die hard and the rest of us meditate on Destiny and the acute failure of Aliens:


Bungie’s mysterious ‘Destiny’ gets trademarked, logo [Update 2: offically linked to Bungie proper]

Alleged Bungie project Destiny has surfaced once more, after going dark since it was initially reported on in February. At the time, a purported ex-contract

August 09, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Bungie’s lengthy 20th anniversary video bids farewell to the past, sets sights on the future

What are the Bungie folks up to these days, now that Halo has been lovingly handed over to 343 Industries? The team has sunk away

August 04, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360

Bungie launches indie social/mobile partnership effort with Bungie Aerospace

Let the speculation and rumormongering end. After promising to spill the beans this month, Bungie has finally lifted the veil on what Bungie Aerospace is…

June 30, 2011 Games, News

Bungie Day 2011 festivities teased, reveal of Bungie Aerospace coming; ‘Destiny’ MMOFPS shows up on resume

Bungie Day 2011 takes place in just under a month, on July 7th. Not only is this year’s event celebrating the studio’s 20th anniversary, it’s

June 13, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Bungie confirms they “won’t officially be at E3 this year”

Bungie Studios are now officially in the post-Halo mindset, actively working away on whatever their decade-long, multiplatform Activision-published franchise will be. Might we see it,

May 07, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Bungie beta testing sign-ups return, command your attention

The second attempt at gathering potential beta testers for future non-Halo projects is underway over at, as the studio expands on the sign-up process

April 21, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

343i’s first Halo title will contain “dramatic innovations” and “slight tweaks”, says creative director

Microsoft’s 343 Industries has been opening up a bit more as of late regarding the next proper Halo, and creative director Frank O’Connor — while

March 28, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360
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