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Mass Effect 3 – Official Launch Trailer

BioWare released the Mass Effect 3 launch trailer this morning and all I can say is; Wow… just wow. BioWare really knows how to run

March 02, 2012 Games, Videos, Xbox 360

The Next Medal of Honor Coming in October

It’s been two years now since EA has released the re-branding of the Medal of Honor franchise. Well, EA is using Activision’s strategy but with

February 29, 2012 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Game Patch: DICE Working to Make Battlefield 3 More Like Call of Duty

Released about 20 hours ago, DICE confirmed that they are working to make adjustments to Battlefield 3. Instead of being more like how the Battlefield

February 24, 2012 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 – Take Back Earth Trailer

Holy awesome… This new Mass Effect 3 trailer is down right amazing. If the demo doesn’t have you excited to all hell yet, then this

February 19, 2012 Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360

Syndicate Demo Impressions

In today’s gaming culture, everywhere you look someone’s trying to shoot you in the face. Whether it’s Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3,

February 16, 2012 Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Kingdoms of Amalur & Mass Effect 3 Play Well Together

It appears that EA is making sure it’s Q1 RPGs play nice together.  Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (KOA:R)–lauching February 7, 2012–offers three Mass Effect 3

January 12, 2012 Games, News, PS3, Xbox 360

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Choose Your Side: Smuggler vs Sith Warrior

The Old Republic is just a few days away and BioWare teases us still. They released another video in their Choose Your Side series, where

December 17, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, Videos

VGAs 2011 – Command & Conquer: Generals 2 Trailer

Admittedly, I’m a BioWare fan boy. So, there’s a chance I’m going to love this entry into the Command & Conquer series even if it

December 10, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360
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