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The Game Machine: The Last Blade Review

What happens when you combine SNK fighting games and Ruroni Kenshin? You get The Last Blade. It’s a Neo Geo gem that you can download

October 22, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos

The First Ever Episode of Gaming on the Rocks Is Here!

So, some friends and I have finally put together something we’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now: our own podcast. As the


Don’t Dismiss Nintendo Because of the Wii

A lot of us, as we have been so creatively dubbed, “hardcore” gamers, would like to forget the Nintendo Wii.  Despite the sales numbers and

September 14, 2012 Editorials, Games, Wii/U

The Game Machine: The Last Story Review

The Last Story is supposed to be one of the last great games for the Wii. Will it be the last great game for the

August 30, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos

The Game Machine: Mega Man 6 NES Review

The Game Machine has finally returned! In this new episode we take a look at Mega Man 6 on the NES. Many look down at


The Game Machine: Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of 3 games that gamers have been begging Nintendo to release in North America, and it is now here. So is


The Game Machine: Game Galaxy Arcade

Are arcades dead? Are Arcades nothing more than places to get tickets and try to win prizes you will never achieve? One arcade in Nashville

March 26, 2012 Games, The Game Machine, Videos

The Game Machine: Retro Duo Portable Review

Want to take your NES or SNES games on the go? Retro Bit–the makers of the Retro Duo–has created a portable SNES/NES console that lets

February 19, 2012 Games, Reviews, Tech, The Game Machine, Videos
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