I put this guide together today to help find all the steel ingots in The Pitt. They are fairly easy to find but if you have any problems hopefully this guide will help. I’ll be recording a video and posting it shortly so hopefully this will help in the mean time. Not really any spoilers here, besides the rewards you gain for every 10 ingots you find.
In order to get the achievement, you have to turn in all the ingots to Everest. When you turn in the last one he will say “Yup, guess you got every last one out there. You’re one hell of a steeler, kid.” After you finish talking to him the achievement will unlock.
I just uploaded a locations video, if your having trouble with just the screenshots. You can check that out here Ingot Locations Video
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You receive a reward for every 10 ingots you find and turn in.
1. Laborer Outfit
2. Filtration Helmet
3. Steel Knuckles
4. Metal Master Armor
5. Metal Blaster
6. Bombshell Armor
7. Leather Rebel
8. The Mauler
9. The Perforator
10. Tribal Power Armor

1. In the abandoned area before you head to the Steelyard, to the left through the fence there is a mine cart with 3 ingots in it.
Before you can get to these you have to first collect the 10 for Everett. When you come back in the Trogs will have busted through the fence.

2. There are 2 ingots as soon as you enter the steelyard next to the dead slave.

3. You will find 2 in the first dumpster to the left by the the trailer with the couch on top of it.

4. There are 2 ingots in the 2nd dumpster to the left.

5. There are 3 in the smaller dumpster next to the 3rd large dumpster on the left, there’s a dead slave in there as well.

6. Head up the stairs by the dumpsters, after you hop the broken fence go right then turn left there are 2 of them in between the 2 knocked over barrels.

7. Go north along the ledge. Looking down you should see 2 on top of a freight car in the middle. Carefully jump onto the steel beam and walk out till you get to the freight car with the 2 ingots on it. Drop down and they’re yours.

8. Now head back up to where you dropped down on the freight car. This time continue to the end and drop down into the dumpster for 3 more.

9. Once again head back up the stairs but instead of going right go left, there is a small building to your right there are 2 of them sitting on a shelf. If you open the gate you went to far.

10. After you get the two in the small building head through the gate and go straight till you see a large dumpster. Climb up the stairs on top of the building and drop down into the dumpster there are 2 in there.

11. Now Jump from the dumpster over the barbwire fence to the south head right until you reach a dead end. There is a dead slave and 2 ingots.

12. Jump back over the fence and head back up the stairs till you reach the roof. Looking down in between the buildings you should see another set of stairs and 2 more ingots. Careful of the 3 Trogs waiting to attack you.

13. Now open the gate and go out to the left. Go down the hill to the end where there is a ditch and a dead slaver. There are 3 laying next to him. Make sure to bring some Rad-Away.

14. Turn to your left and continue into the radiated barrels there are 3 more in the middle. Make sure you get all 3. I noticed quite a few people have missed one here and only ended up with 99.

15. Go back up to the stairs and jump on top of the building you will see a makeshift bridge crossing over to other buildings. There are 2 in the middle of the bridge.

16. Once you get the 2 on the bridge continue across to the other side. Stay on top of the building and head to the back there will be 2 more sitting on a roof you can drop down to.

17. After you get the 2 on the roof drop all the way down to the ground, there are 2 more sitting on a shelf.

18. Head around the corner behind the stairs where you will find 2 more.

19. Head south till you can’t go anymore and you see a set of stairs to the right climb the stairs and there are 2 on the first landing next to a dead slave named Wild Bill.

20. After you find Wild Bill continue up the stairs there will be a makeshift shack with 3 wild men inside kill them and there are 2 ingots by the fridge on the floor.

21. Continue on till you come to another bridge, there will be 3 or 4 trogs that attack you from all directions, after you kill them turn right and head out over the big pipe. There are 2 of them near the end.

22. Turn back around and head all the way to the end of the roof and drop off the edge to another building below, drop down behind the building to find 4 ingots in a mine cart.

23. Now head east along the wall to the right. You should be following a fence. Follow it till you reach a dead end. There will be a dead slave with a combat shotgun and 2 ingots

24. Go all the way back up to where you dropped down from and take the stairs that take you up to the top of the factory building. Turn left at the top of the stairs and take the first right you can. There are 4 of them in the back right hand corner by the dome and dead slave.

25. Now go back and climb the stairs to the very top of the structure you’ll hit the mother lode of 12 ingots

26. On your way back down you’ll see a really large and long conveyor belt, hop on there and follow it to the end for 7 more ingots.





27. Head back up to the rooftops with the domes on it.  Head all the way south till you get to the wall turn left and drop down it’s a long drop but you won’t die, be sure to save in case just to be safe. Now you’ll need to drop down to the next platform with the 3 big silos on it. Head all the way east and and turn tight at the fence. There will be a dead slave with an autoaxe next to him. There will be 4 of them.

28. Head back down to where all the freight cars are. There are 2 ingots at the end of the tracks by the collapsed tunnel.

29. Back by the freight cars there are a bunch of protectrons lined up and a door. Enter the door and head down the hallway in the second room you’ll come across 3 ingots.

30. Continue on to the lower level of the factory. Go down the hallway on the right and follow the tracks all the way to the end. You’ll come across a couple of madmen and a bunch of dead Trogs there are 8 of them in an overturned mine cart. Some are upside down and hard to notice so make sure you double check you got them all.

31. Now Head down the hallway to the left and you will come across a door on your right and two dead madmen with bobby pins laying everywhere. Pick the lock on the door to find a nice supply of ammo and 6 ingots.

32. Continue up the stairs until you reach a room with a bed. There will be an autoaxe on the bed and to the right is the final Ingot.
Hope this guide helps. Thanks for stopping by!
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