Friends! Enemies! Everyone in between! Your chance to meet some of the personalities behind WouldYouKindly is fast approaching!

We are extremely excited to announce that WouldYouKindly will be  represented at the very first LVLUP Expo, happening at the Henderson Convention Center in Henderson, NV. (Let’s call it Las Vegas. It’s a suburb. Same thing, right?) LVLUP Expo is hoping to become the next big gaming convention here in the Las Vegas area and promises to be pretty action packed. There will be panels, exhibitions,  gaming tournaments (covering tabletop, card AND video games), special appearances and vendors galore!

This is all happening on February 16th and 17th; you can find all of the details and the full schedule on LVLUP Expo’s official website.

I (Justin) will be there, hanging out with Klaus, Candice and Alex; we would love to see your shining faces! If you’re in the area–or willing to travel to the area–come hang out, challenge us in video games (there may or may not be prizes involved), watch us record The Gamers Garage [LIVE!] and buy some t-shirts and/or buttons. Come find us in BOOTH 10; we hope to see you there!