Zen Studios is bringing their second iteration of Pinball to the Playstation Network this Spring (finally). In doing so, Playstation owners will finally be able to experience virtual pinball nirvana (as well as updated physics, 3D capabilities, and Social Network scoring updates so your boss can see how well you did when you stayed at home from work to play Moon Knight). And if you own a PS3 and a Vita, you’ll get the whole download-once-and-get-it-for-two-systems experience. Which is nice.

It may not seem like news to some of you out there, especially for those of you who still have working Xboxes, but for the rest of us who have been relegated to PSN’s Pinball FX, it’s very exciting.

If you bought Marvel Pinball or the original Pinball FX, Zen Pinball 2 will be a free download (similar to what they did for the Xbox), simply adding a much better interface and interconnectedness with friends. If you don’t already own the first one, you’ll be able to download the interface, allowing you to demo any of the tables before you buy them.

Some people want to hate on virtual Pinball games, but IMHO, Zen Studios has done a tremendous job of capturing most of the excitement of pinball tables, translating them for consoles and tablets. I’ve had numerous sessions of “just one more” with friends, and with real pinball machines being a pain in the ass to maintain, these tables are as good as it gets these days.

When exactly in the Spring will they release? Who knows. It’s near, though.

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